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Client: Genentech
  • Technology Development
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing

A novel drug delivery technology that enables physically limited patients to safely and easily self administer treatments.



As drug compounds increase in viscosity and volume, treatments have become more difficult for patients to inject.

Genentech partnered with us to create a device that would allow users to comfortably administer treatments at a controlled injection rate.

While manual injections require too much strength for some patients, auto-injectors deliver far too fast and forcefully. We envisioned a device with supplemental force that would enable patients to control the speed of injection.

After conducting extensive studies to quantitatively assess patients’ physical capabilities, we designed a compact, self-locking mechanism that releases supplemental power only when an accompanying force is present.

The intricate locking mechanism’s frictional properties required extremely precise construction. We created specialized tools that enabled us to effectively design and produce the device within manufacturing tolerances.

This technology removes limitations for both drug compounders and patients. Compounders can create more viscous formulations, and patients are substantially assisted in a manner completely undetectable to them. An intractable problem was successfully addressed by an invisible solution.