When the path isn’t clear, the
team you turn to should be.

Cooper Perkins combines enlightened engineering with years of substantive experience to solve our partners’ most challenging business problems.

The more complex or ambitious your goal, the fewer partners you’ll find to help you reach it.

We specialize in tackling particularly vexing problems, irrespective of industry or technology, and we have the track record of successful innovation to prove it.

Two Cooper Perkins engineers sitting at a table discussing a project

Principles that guide us

We gain understanding of our physical world by abstracting it to representative formulae known as first principles. Similarly, we think a good way to understand Cooper Perkins as an engineering partner is to appreciate the set of “first principles” we navigate by.

Find a way.

If there is a way, find it. If there really is not a way, make sure there is no doubt.

See how Cooper Perkins brought an environment buried deep within the earth’s crust to a comfy lab in Cambridge.

Wellbore Simulator

Listen, think,
then build.

Yes, in that order. No exceptions.

Do you buy a thing, or do you buy what that thing does for you? See how PowerTap and Cooper Perkins got it right, repeatedly.

PowerTap C1
A Cooper Perkins engineer sketching a diagram on a whiteboard

Think like a beginner.

An experienced mind strives to recognize familiar patterns. A young mind is not so encumbered. Experience matters but not at the expense of seeing something in a completely new way.

Have you thought lately about how toilet flushers should work? We did, too!

A patent diagram of a PowerTap C1 component

Resist temptation.

Resist the temptation to develop the first idea you fall in love with. Take the time to collect and characterize your options first. You can’t hurry love.

It’s not that we have a commitment problem. It’s just that we have a problem with commitment.

XFIA Server

Look at it again, differently.

All of our experience tells us that if we visually observe something from multiple perspectives, we get a much better understanding of what we are looking at. News flash, this works for ideas, too.

See how Cooper Perkins took the time to convert what was thought to be impossible into something that was certain.

Injection Simulator

Think like a particle, act
like a wave.

As it is with the puzzling duality of light, we look for engineers who are at once transcendently creative and rigidly analytical.

Meet Our Team

Don’t mumble.

You caught the idea. Now represent it. Advocate. Stand up straight and deliver. And don’t mumble.

See how “the briefing” won the day, day after day.

Three Cooper Perkins engineers sitting around a table inspecting various components of a project
A detailed drawing of the inner workings and components of the Pop-Out

Show your work.

It's not good enough to think you know it. Prove it.

See how the scientific method clearly applies to understanding athletic performance.

GFR Sensor