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Welcome to The Whiteboard

As someone curious about communication in all its forms, I’ve always found a bit of magic in the dynamic of the whiteboard—this tool that brings together written, verbal, visual, interpersonal, and gestural forms of communication; a thing that is both a tool, a location, and somehow, a frame of mind all at once.

A whiteboard is a place where anyone can transfer something out of their head and into a form that others can respond to and build upon. And, through that act of transcription, the originator of each idea processes the information themself.

Unlike a presentation, a document, or an email, marks put on the whiteboard are inherently transient. Messiness is expected. All perspectives are welcome. Is there another tool that facilitates truly collaborative process to this extent? One can even put something up on a board, walk away, and come back later to discover that an idea was added or expanded while they were away.

At Cooper Perkins, you’ll find whiteboards in every common space: the kitchen, the meeting rooms, and floating around on wheels to be used wherever and whenever they’re needed. Ask any team member and they’ll tell you a story like solving an “unsolvable problem” over a client lunch, creating a cross-office progressive art piece, or prototyping the system architecture of an aircraft grade file server entirely through dry-erase.

So, when we were discussing what we should name this new corner of our website—the place where our community will find an ever-changing collection of nerdy things we’ve learned, team perspectives, company news, behind-the-scenes stories with our partners—it only felt natural to call it The Whiteboard.

Much like the conversations had around a physical or virtual whiteboard, we view the topics we’ll share here as starting points to be explored further. See something that sparks a thought and want to talk about it? Reach out to us. Want to experience the magic of time spent at the whiteboard with the CP team? Come and work with us.

Have a problem to work through? Something nerdy to share? Join us at the Whiteboard.