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Smart Trainer

Client: Koko Fitness
  • Technology Development
  • Concept Development
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Weight training equipment that enables athletes to improve their technique and track progress through historically unknowable insight into their workout data.



Koko Fitness envisioned exercise technology that could provide feedback to users as they train, allowing them to adjust their form and maximize the effectiveness of their workouts.

Based on our work with sports and fitness equipment, Koko reached out to form a partnership that combined our technical expertise with their knowledge of consumer experience and marketing.

We began by fitting a range of sensors to various machine components and optical readers to the machine’s cables and weights to explore what information could be available and relevant to athletes. These measurements allowed us to calculate the athlete’s range of motion, velocity, and extension, among other insights.

We worked with the Koko Fitness team to identify relevant data and build an impactful user experience that presents athletes with valuable information.

We designed a pivoting, easily adjustable screen that users can view in any workout position. The screen displays performance targets for an athlete to meet alongside real-time data from their workout, which allows the user to adjust their movement in order to align with the goal. A USB port in the machine allows users to load pre-programmed workouts, record performance statistics, and track progress over time.

The resulting product successfully paired innovative technology with a well-designed user experience to provide athletes with information that was previously inaccessible. Koko Fitness has since used this technology to establish their own chain of fitness clubs with over 100 locations in North America.