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Privacy Guard

Client: Privoro
  • Technology Development
  • Concept Development
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Compliance

A mobile device case that provides unprecedented privacy protection with audio, video, and radio communication defenses.



Privoro, an emerging technology company focused on hardware and software solutions for mobile device security, was on a mission to offer a product that would guarantee privacy to the most demanding users.

Intrigued by the complexity of meeting extraordinarily stringent requirements of global government, industrial, and media institutions, we assembled a team of highly focused experts to meet the challenge.

After creating radio testing equipment to achieve the required levels of sensitivity, we determined the case would need to protect against signals as weak as -125dB and as strong as those from nearby towers.

FCC regulations prohibiting interfering radio signal emissions from products disqualified active interference techniques for the Privacy Guard. The passive solution we developed needed to provide a high level of security while also allowing easy access to the device. The case’s innovative electronic seal features two rows of beryllium copper springs with conductive gaskets whose unique configuration quadruples the effectiveness of the typical industry approach.

Throughout the design and production process, we found that no existing equipment would test to the levels we required. Naturally, we built our own.

Mobile devices have four highly sensitive microphones, designed to increase sensitivity in input volume when levels drop. In order to ensure the case would prevent recognition of both presence and intelligibility of nearby speech, we partnered with audio specialists to run extensive tests throughout our process.

The sensitivity of the microphones required not only blocking them, but also desensitizing them with the emission of constant, random noise.

Privoro embarked on a mission to create a system with unparalleled levels of physical and digital security for mobile devices. Together, we developed a usable technology that offers consumers confidence in their privacy.