Wingspeed XFIA Server 

The Wingspeed XFIA Server is a Windows based, aircraft grade file server running on an EMX SBC with a 1.6 GHz Pentium M processor housed in a 4MCU chassis. The unit includes a 4 disk RAID 1 array, 2GB Flash drive, an 11-channel 429 bus, an 8-port Ethernet hub, and a removable battery backup. Cooper Perkins designed the system architecture, custom heat sinks, specified all the COTS components, designed the 100Watt power supply and filter boards. The system also integrates a unique system control board that continuously monitors temperature, humidity, pressure, and acceleration with a separate 16-bit microprocessor. The unit recently passed FAA DO160 environmental testing up to 25,000 feet (next revision to 50,000 feet).