Cooper Perkins developed a concept for a pop-out electrical receptacle for Legrand. The movable electrical outlet, styled for Legrand’s Adorne line, remains hidden until needed. A simple press either releases the outlet from its retracted position or returns it back within its housing. Several challenges had to be overcome: (1) finding a UL-approved way to deliver household (120VAC) power to a moving component contemplating a 15,000-cycle life, (2) fitting all the stationary and translating components into a standard electrical junction box, (3) supporting a 135-pound weight in case someone steps on the extended receptacle, and (4) meeting a target MSRP of US$43 at manufacturing volumes of 1,000K+.

Working with UL early in the process, Cooper Perkins conceived an innovative architecture (US Patent nos. 8,348,683, 8,684,755, 8,864,507, 9,247,657) whereby three Beryllium copper springs that enable the push-push mechanism are also the electrical conductors – effectively, the springs are flexible buses to obviate standard electrical wires that are not rated for cyclic movement. The entwined constraints of space, thermal issues, electrical codes, MTBF, DFX, strength, usability, and cost considerations were a mighty challenge.