Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, TX

Cooper Perkins developed an innovative LED-based lighting system as a part of Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park artistic lighting plan. The ‘Orb’ on top of the pathway lighting fixtures emit either blue light or white light, depending on the phase of the moon. Cooper Perkins had to work with the fact that a dedicated 120VAC line for each Orb was already in place but a communication scheme had to be included without adding any wires. Cooper Perkins developed a robust communication scheme ‘hidden’ in the AC line to change the state of each uniquely addressed light between white and blue. By ‘stealing’ AC cycles, messages could be sent to the lights for the desired effect. Environmental considerations including operation in direct Houston sunlight and 20-foot water submersion added to the design challenges. The first phase of the system was installed in 2005. The second phase of the system, which includes new features for remote lighting system health monitoring and control, was delivered in late 2013.