The Energetiq EQ-1500 Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS) generates various wavelengths and power levels of ultraviolet (UV) light. The two-part EQ-1500 LDLS system comprises a lamp and a laser controller, which includes a DC power supply, a 60W infra-red diode laser, and control electronics. The lamp comprises a discharge lamp containing a gas that emits ultraviolet light when ignited and a two-channel light sensor that uses photodiodes and pre-amplifiers, safety sensors, and optics. The laser controller and lamp are connected by multi-conductor cables and an armored fiber-optic bundle for the laser light. The entire system connects to a semiconductor processing tool via a separate optical system for the UV light and a second multi-conductor cable. UV light is generated by igniting gas in the bulb to form plasma with a high-voltage discharge. Once the plasma is lit, it is sustained by the IR energy from the laser so the high-voltage is turned off. Using well-focused laser light to sustain the plasma allows the UV emission to be stable and readily focused. Cooper Perkins helped Energetiq develop the control system, the ultra low-noise, highly stable power source technology, and the electrical and mechanical design of the finished product.